We are here!

We have finally arrived. I know, I know….we’ve been in Portland a month but these things take time. Ginger and I have had to walk the fine line between sanity and job hunting. We would give ourselves permission to take the weekends off from job hunting (even though both of us would keep one eye on our computers/job notifications). There was a switch in my head that would flip occasionally during the week and I would tell G “We’re done for today(or this week)”…let’s go…pick your destination…it’s time to decompress.

A few weeks ago at one of those moments, a friend of a friend posted on her Facebook page that she was firing up her camera again and offering photo shoots. It just so happened I was in that decompressed state and was thinking clearly to myself “what a great way to meet this person and her family…and also commemorating our arrival in Portland”. So I jumped in and told her to pick a very Portland spot for G and I to get our picture taken for our memories.

First of all a friend from Dallas (Regina) introduced us over Facebook. Ginger and I think Regina is the bee’s knees, so we knew that her friend Kate had to be equally cool. Kate, her husband Ryan, and their daughter Lucy are the coolest little family we’ve met in a long time. We are thrilled to have finally been able to meet them and we look forward to getting to know them better. Kate’s work can be found at: kateblackmorephotography.tumblr.com

Thanks for the pictures Kate! We’re very happy with how they turned out…exactly what we wanted.

And here we are in bridgetown (one of the numerous nicknames for Portland)…

DSC_5980 dsc_5945 edit DSC_5947 DSC_5949 DSC_5961 DSC_5985 DSC_5960


Kate was very straightforward and told me my head was “sparkling” and we had to move…so I put on my hat. Ha! Now I see it…



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