Early morning fools.

For weeks G and I have been training daily for a grueling hike to one of the world famous parks in the Portland area. We understood the dangers going in and believe me, they were not taken seriously…a mistake would we not soon forget. Neither of us knew exactly what to expect given the odd weather patterns, elevation changes, wildlife, and the possibility of navigation challenges.

It began a little later than we had expected, 6am to be exact. We geared up at home with everything needed to navigate our route. We were trying to travel lightly but we had to ensure that we had the proper provisions for our journey. After a short 20 minute commute to the trailhead, we left our vehicle and all sense of security behind. As we both walked away from the vehicle we looked back in hopes we would see it again…that sense of security…our only piece…now gone. There was no turning back, we were both in this together. We recounted our training and the survival skills necessary for this trek. Since I’m a carnivore, I knew that the hunting would be left to me if we needed meat. I would rely on Ginger to provide us with safe plants and berries because plant identification was her specialty.

Over the past several weeks we discussed this moment. What happens now? What if we get lost? What dangers are we not accounting for? We kissed each other…hugged….joined hands and remembered this day 8 years ago in a gondola on the Las Colinas canals (when I proposed)…when Ginger agreed to accompany me on this adventure. It’s not every day we can take on such a grueling test of our resolve. Our footing was firm for the first tenth of a mile. The weather was a little rainy which made seeing our path in the dark a little tricky. We soon came up on our first real challenge…a very steep drop off. However, there was hope…a bright shiny button that said “push to activate crosswalk”. We pushed the button looked across the street for the bicolor light to change from an amber/orange hand to a bright white illuminated walking person. A beep counted down until that glorious moment…the accessibility voice proclaimed “THE CROSSWALK IS NOW ACTIVE”….We arrived! Our destination “Mill Ends” Park in Portland, Oregon. The smallest Park in the world.

The promise land.

The promise land.


Ginger was first to conquer Mill Ends Park.


Our trusty “Mag Light” assisted us in our navigation of the terrain.


Here’s a close up of the park. Officially became a park on St. Patrick’s Day 1976.(Seriously)



After such a huge undertaking Voodoo Donuts had to be visited to refuel.

April fools!

This is an actual park in Portland, Oregon. It’s a cute story about how it became a park…so if you want to know more visit:


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