Ah finally…Rain!

Something you will probably never hear a Portlander say “thank god it’s raining”. At least that’s what everyone says. This week has finally given us exactly what everyone has been telling us is the standard weather. It’s been raining, but not like we are used to in Texas…it’s very odd. We are trying to figure it out or at least be able to pick up on the weather patterns but there appears to be none. The rain comes in…then the sun comes…maybe for 5 minutes…maybe for 5 hours…then rain…then sun…then rain. We’ve had a few days of all day rain, but it’s definitely not like Texas in the spring. It’s sprinkling or drizzling mostly. The weather is very confusing, but right now we’re just trying to take walks or sit on our decks to immerse ourselves in it.

G and I went to a local plant nursery earlier this week to get some color on our decks (and for me to re-ignite my old bonsai hobby). I had so many questions for the people there and they were super nice (as we’ve become accustomed to – happily). We’ve only ever really grown plants in Texas (about grow zone 8), so we had no idea the zone here (about 5) and what could be safely planted or when. Well naturally it stays cooler …longer here, so it should have come as no surprise when the person answered us with “well you’ll need to be careful because we still get frost up to mother’s day”. You can imagine my laugh it kinda went something like this:

“….frost up to mother’s day”

Ears receive message…hamster in head starts the wheel…my brain comprehends followed quickly by involuntary eye bulge, grinning, shuffling feet, and hands on opposite elbows. Right after the assistant notices my body language out comes an enormous “Muttley” laugh. If you don’t know who Muttley is…I feel sorry for your childhood.

Frost up to May? What?

We’ve been fortunate thus far with the rain and the weather as the nursery workers told us, we know this. Portland opened its arms and welcomed us with great weather for the first few weeks (which we were promised returns for summer…again cue Muttley). During the rain we’ve received this week we’ve gone out for walks a few times and looked up and said thank you.

The rain was baptizing us as Portlanders. Finally mother nature realized that she didn’t need to be on her best behavior because maybe we were on vacation. She finally realized that it’s okay to be herself, we are here in the “Emerald City” – “Stumptown” – “PDX” – “The Rose City” – “P-Town” – “Beervana”…home.



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