Taking advantage of the beautiful weather…

Another week and another reason to act like we deserve a three day weekend. Routines not yet fully established we find ourselves bumping in to each other a little more than normal. My morning coffee run (to the kitchen) coincides with Ginger’s morning tea jog. I juke left…she jukes right, so at this point we might as well start a west coast swing. There was this undercurrent of tension last week, so on Thursday I told her “We’re going out tomorrow”. I had come across a USA Today article that listed the top ten sights to see in the US…and oddly enough two of them were within an hour of us. Win!

Friday there was to be no applying for jobs…no stressing over resume edits. Just get out clear our heads and reset. The thing most people don’t tell you about looking for a job is that it’s work….and it’s hard work. I took a class about 10 years ago on looking for a job…and one of the very first things the instructor said was “If you had an 8 hour day at work…don’t spend more than 8 hours looking for a job”. Really it makes sense because you do get tired tailoring, finding jobs, and writing letters all day. The quality of your work cannot be top notch all day….it just can’t. I don’t care who you are, you’re going to get tired and your work is going to reflect it. The last thing Ginger and I need is to start sending out resumes with amateur mistakes.

So I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed…started looking for that article with the 2 places in Oregon to visit and plan our route. Well turns out one of them was a little further than an hour so we decided to visit the closer attraction. Wouldn’t you know it – it was back near the waterfalls that sealed the deal for us last fall. Well upon further review…it appears the “Oneonta Gorge” is a little more difficult to see than just pull up, park, walk, snap pictures, and leave. In fact seeing the gorge itself would have required us to get a little wet…well more than a little….up to our chest probably. Given the water temp is probably still a little on the side I’d like to call “freaking cold”, we decided to pass.

The possibilities were endless but we decided to head back out to the falls anyway to do some more exploring. I also had the harebrained idea that we would make it to the top of Multnomah falls. We packed accordingly, this time lighter weight clothing, better shoes, and above all better snacks (food again..ugh). We arrived at the falls and were greeted 20140321_103007by a pile of snow…which I really didn’t care about but it certainly did make us both giggle a little like kids. Anyway we marched towards the falls, snapped a few pictures and I said “lets GO”. The excitement was building…we’re gonna do this…we’re going to make the 700 foot, 17 switchback, 1/2 mile trek to the top. As we neared the bridge that connects to the trail I notice a fence on one side that looks like it’s blocking the bridge. I think to myself “well maybe that’s just one side they’re blocking temporarily” (inside my stomach dropped because I knew before I even saw my side…that we were not going to get the chance to climb today). Sure enough as we rounded the final turn to head to the bridge I could see it was closed. As we got closer It became obvious why it was closed. It looked like a boulder smashed the crap out of part of the bridge. It was such a clean punch it bridgeeditedlooked like someone took an enormous bite out of the concrete. Even with the beautiful 627 foot waterfall a few feet away from me, I was amazed at the bridge damage…I found myself wondering about the sound it made when it happened and certainly hoped nobody was injured (which we found out later that no one was luckily).

Well now what? We searched for another way to the trail and there was one in fact, but it would have been far beyond our skill level. So we decided to just go for a nice hike around the area. There are some gorgeous hiking trails in the gorge area. Something like 150 miles worth. We explored some of the other 43(we heard) named waterfalls in the area and had a blast. We did make it to the top of one of them…but I assure you by the end of the day we felt every part of the climb.


There are no words for the scenery we experienced last Friday. Pictures cannot do it justice. I can spend all night describing the clean crisp air, the sponge like terrain, the unforgiving rock paths, the bark grooves big enough to fit a “SMART” car sideways on the enormous trees, and the beautiful song the crashing water makes plunging from enormous heights…but what good what that do? You have to visit us….we’ll make time to show you. Be prepared to move here though…we did.


20140321_132553 20140321_134745 20140321_105825 20140321_112842


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