Nothing Routine about us.

Everyone gets the occasional disruption in their life. Sometimes you wake up late and have to cut your shower short…or maybe you don’t get to eat the high fiber cereal your doctor warned you about and end up grabbing a sausage biscuit from “Whataburger”oh how I miss thee(don’t judge me…actually do…I don’t care). Their sausage, egg and cheese breakfast biscuits were killer. Hey look something else I’ll miss about Texas and of course it’s food. Anyway, you know that frantic feeling of missing your time marks? Come on…everyone has them….”Ok if I’m done eating breakfast at this time, I’m good…if I’m out of the shower at this time…I’m on task”.  Well we haven’t had any marks to shoot for…or anything to be late for…so it’s made it difficult to be disciplined about getting up and on with the day. Not good for Phill…the dog in this relationship. Especially since this dog has had the same routine for so long.

Even with a new job it only took a slight tweak to adjust the routine. Maybe I woke up five minutes earlier…maybe I take a different route. Either way, I had a routine I was proud of, a routine that would make the most organized lifehacker jealous. I had trimmed every last millisecond off my morning. I’d move my french press 2.75 inches to the left which would make it quicker for me to access the grinder….I’d swish the water around the bottom, throw the grounds in the backyard, wash the press and the fittings…and by the time I was done with drying it and putting the aromatic freshly ground coffee in the bottom the water was almost at boil and ready for me to poor. I mean I was THE morning ninja. Before Ginger even made it to the kitchen I would have my cereal bowl in hand with hot coffee and walking to my morning “technology catch up” reading station.

Now….well now I’m a morning sumo. “i’M AWakE nOw….get the FriG OUtta….my way….i’m MAkinG COFFEE”. I roar into the kitchen head down wondering if today’s the day I go back to Jail(kidding)…I’m never going back…(kidding again)…I’ll be back someday. That’s just my coffee routine…oh god can you imagine if I had a job right now? I’d be up at the crack of 2:30 so that I could make it to work on time.

It’s not what I’m used to but I’m finally getting a small routine in line and I hope it will get refined back to its glory someday. Today, I had a few interviews with recruiters that went very well and received many reassurances I won’t be on the market long. I tend to load myself with extra pressure when I hear that, because I think…”what if I let that person down?”. I know I can do the jobs…I know I can be an extremely valuable asset to any team, but I just need the dog and pony show to display my plumage. I got issues man…no doubt.

I have found solace in some more comfortable things. For instance Ginger and I watched our normal Sunday evening lineup earlier this week – My desk is a little more organized so the morning routine cereal/coffee/read is somewhat reset. I’ve also found that Beaverton Bakery makes these things called “Butter Crisps” and they are marvelous…and I can always count on Ginger to catch me off guard. (She agrees with my Butter Crisps opinion).

They're no more...let it go!



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