The Natives WERE restless!

Make no bones about it…we needed a break from unpacking, sorting, storing, and shoving. The bathrooms are proving to be a bit of a challenge because we had quite a bit of storage in the house, the kitchen was a piece of cake. It’s very easy to purchase that coffee mug that says “this isn’t the coffee you’re looking for” you thought was so cool in the geek store, but when it comes to deciding if you HAVE to have it in your now shrunken cupboards…well that’s a little more involved. This didn’t actually happen to either of us but it might as well have. We find ourselves trying to figure out what to put in to everyday use and what to put into storage never to be seen again. On paper it’s very easy to say I don’t need to have 17 coffee mugs at my disposal, but they become part of a routine. C’mon all of you have this issue, it’s not just me(it can’t be…oh god…please don’t let it be just me). While it’s not really 17 mugs it is one for each day of the week and probably a few extra. “Well this one I always use on a weekend day, and this one I use on the other weekend day”. Once I narrowed it down I was able to comfortably say I just need a few mugs to be safe with my adjusted daily routine.

Now Realize this…you just read 8 sentences on coffee mug natural selection. Imagine going through that process for every little thing you own. It makes for a long unpacking process no matter where you move. Quantify that by shrinking your living and storage space by more than 35 percent, and you now have a very annoying task that gets old…quick.

Over the past few days both of us have occasionally thrown our resume at a few jobs not focussing terribly on the positions but just trying to get our names out there. It has helped break up the monotony but it wasn’t the best idea, and I can honestly say I should have listened to Ginger on this. Last week when I introduced myself to the strangers in the coffee shop, I opened a can of worms. It’s good that I’m getting leads but it’s also tough to try to focus on unpacking while I’m tailoring my resume.

We are now in day four of the game show “Whip Phillip’s Ass”, so today we decided to take the day off. We had to…we were both getting grumpy and today was supposed to be beautiful weather. Being told over and over that the ocean is only an hour away, today was the day to prove that. Tide pools were the goal of today, but unfortunately we timed the tide incorrectly. What we did find was a great small town on the Oregon coast called Oceanside.

Our drive took us through the Tillamook State Forest area.tillamook state forest

We stopped in Tillamook (secretly I wanted an excuse to say I’d been there) to let the gas station fill our tank(since in Oregon you’re not allowed to pump your own gas). I struck up a conversation with the attendant and told her our goal of the day. After explaining we weren’t from “around here” and the subsequent follow up of “why did you move to Oregon?” discussion that we’ve become used to, she told me that we were just a few miles from the coast. She pointed to a road and said that road will dead end, and when you get to it get out and walk to the beach, go through a cave to the other side of the mountain where you will be on another beach where you will find the tide pools you’re looking for. WHAT? I thought “is this woman serious?”. How is it that simple and what planet are we on? Caves? Nobody said anything about caves. I started getting excited to see if it was really that simple and to see this cave. We hopped in the car and I explained to Ginger…”we just go that direction until it ends”. She gave me the same look I imagined I gave to the woman at the pump. We smiled and said “I’m in”, pretty much at the same time.

Tillamook is a cute town that probably hasn’t changed, ever. As we drove through, the elevations started to differ a little more and the foliage started taking a different appearance from the lush enormous douglas-firs of the state forest that surrounded the rushing river banks covered in ferns and mossy rock. It was opening up. As we passed the town of “Netarts” we started getting glimpses of the ocean. We followed the road slowly to make sure we were not turning off…and then I heard it…Ginger’s “oh my god we’re at the ocean” squeal (she loves the ocean). And so it was. Beautiful huge crashing waves on larger than life rocks jutting out of the water. You know what? The road did actually dead end in Oceanside, Oregon. It was as if we reached the end of the rainbow.

I stupidly stumbled out of the car, giddy with excitement. We made our way to the beach…and damn if there wasn’t an opening to the side of the mountain about a third of a mile down the beach. As we approached the opening I noticed the water getting a little close so I moved to higher ground; However, my companion decided she’d ignore the why I was moving up shore and focus more on the “holy crap I’m gonna get wet” scream she let out shortly before her Columbia size six’s and socks got soaked. Ha! Yes we went through the cave and out the other side of the mountain. We were too late for the tide pools but we stood in the mouth of the cave and listened to enormous boulders bang against each other as the waves receded back. It was such a marvelous sound I’d never heard before. 20140312_105607


After exploring the surrounding area we made our way to the center of the town (walking all of about 300 feet) and had lunch at a cute little joint with a beautiful view of the beach, rocks, and our footprints to the cave. I held my chin up, puffed out my chest…and thought to myself “I’ve been there”. I find myself reflecting more on the experiences Oregon has to offer to its residents…and how appreciative I am to be able to partake. There’s also a very warm and friendly feeling of welcome from not only the environment but the people. Nobody is ever too busy to talk with you, nobody is ever annoyed or interrupted by you. I think we’ll stay.


4 thoughts on “The Natives WERE restless!

  1. I’m so glad you guys are having fun! Next time you drive to the coast you should check out Cannon Beach. We’ve been there twice and are going back this summer. You can see tide pools at Haydtack rock, and the Ecola Creek state park is right there; great hikes and some pretty views from a spot you can drive to and walk just a little ways. It

    • Awesome Kate! Thank you…we asked around because we knew that’s the best resource. I forgot to ask you and will definitely check them out! We had not heard of that park yet, so great to know for sure!

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