First stage complete. Firing 2nd stage boosters.

Well today was everything we expected with the exception of one thing…(more on that later).

It’s hard to believe that this all came together in six weeks. From giving notice at jobs, finding a place to live, planning the route, selling the house, selling the motorcycle, and actually completing the exit from Texas…I’d say we are ahead of the game.

Yesterday we signed away the house and today the buyers agreed with all the terms and wrote a check(cash deal). We left our house about 8:30 with a very somber feeling. We walked around it and said goodbye to our wedding tree that was presented to us at our ceremony. It was nice to see all the new growth about to pop open for spring. The trunk stout and firm, a very healthy tree. wedding tree

Once we wandered around the house saying our goodbyes and wishing it well for the new owners, we began loading the cars. Longer and more tedious than initially thought, we were forced to abandon the house plants. Someone else will love them instead. We did manage to take a couple that had meaning to us.

We visited the neighborhood Tom Thumb one last time for snacks and gas up (shoot I had a 90 cent gas rewards that expired today….I wasn’t going to lose that). Anyway, our normal Sunday morning checkout girl wasn’t there on a Friday morning. Presumably at school, Phoenix was her name and she was always very sweet to us.

Gassed up we headed out with no issues. We stopped at a few places along the way for bio breaks and fuel. Stopping one more time at a Dairy Queen. I was quickly reminded that DQ is not my favorite. It also recalled me always saying “TeXXXaSSSS” at the end of their commercials. You pretty much have to be Texan to get that joke, it’s essentially the Texas version of ” ‘Murica”. I did have a run in with a tumbleweed…which Ginger said “That was cool”. We have two way radios we are using to communicate between our cars…so the scratchy audio that they present is an added piece of entertainment. So once we made it through the wind farms of west Texas (why aren’t there more?) it was on to New Mexico.

The trip was fairly standard in to New Mexico, aside from the mountain Ginger referred to as “boobie mountain” because apparently it looked like a breast to her. Me…not so much.

We arrived at our accommodations for the evening…a lovely Motel 6 that apparently had recently renovated rooms. Basically they turned a closet into a bigger shower and pulled up the carpet and put down linoleum that attempted to mimic hardwood floors. Oh my god was it awful. But nevermind that…when we pulled up we noticed a group of about five people sitting in a room eating food out of some plastic bags. The men “tatted up” and shirtless, the women under the covers. Nice. Window wide open for everyone to see. As I was carrying my laptop case and backup drives into the room for the night a car of two young women pulled up fast and honked. The guy in the room next to us opened the door (again shirtless…what the hell is it with that?)….and as the girl walked in I noticed ANOTHER shirtless tatted up dude laying on the bed half tweaked as he shot me a look. As I started to warn Ginger this may not be the place for us a car came up booming his crap rap….rattling all the trim off his 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse…a guy looking like he was homeless sprang out of the room on the other side of us to hop in dude’s car and exchange money for skittles. Well I’ll be damned if I’m going to be sleeping in a hotel where illegal skittles are being sold on the street. I went into panic mode. “We have go to get the hell up out of here”. I researched the reciprocal laws for Ginger and I’s CHLs before we started the journey and we are good all the way up to the Oregon border. So needless to say I was prepared. We never googled on our Galaxy s3’s so fast before but within probably ten minutes (seemed like an hour) we had new pet friendly hotel. It was a great place to stay and they were very accomodating to our needs. The Sheraton on the north side of Albuquerque .

So a full day of emotions, we were finally ready to settle in…and we did just that with the cats. Though we were in separate beds, Ginger and I were able to relax somewhat…knowing that both of our cars would probably still be outside in the morning and no one was going to get diabetes and die in a room next to us. A sad start to the day ended with a relieving save to the only curveball really thrown at us. Goodbye Texas – No hard feelings?



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