A Long Time Coming…

So tomorrow morning we sign away the house. It’s very odd, the realization of leaving the home I’ve known for thirteen years. The comforts, the routines….all about to be turned upside down. It’s one thing to talk the talk…but now that we are having to walk it, well that’s something neither Ginger and I could possibly prepare for enough. Planning the route, hotels, and contingency plans is overwhelming. We’ve talked for years but now it’s like we’re learning how to take care of ourselves all over again. 

As if that wasn’t enough, I spoke with one of my brothers today that had written me off ten years ago. Out of the blue he called to wish us luck and that he loved me. What drove us apart still looming in my mind(I’m sure his as well), but no mention of it…just best wishes. A lot of things coming together at once in a large container truck. Packing “things”…getting rid of “things”….it appears that after so long we accumulate these things that suddenly don’t mean that much to us. The things that do…well they take a long time…a lifetime. Overwhelming hurt and healing at the same time.

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