Join us on our journey to Portland Oregon from Texas!

Greetings everyone.

If you don’t know us, we’re Ginger and Phill. We have lived in north Texas most of our lives (though neither of us are native).

Several years ago we decided that Texas was no longer for us so we started searching for a new destination to make our home. Many factors went in to that decision…weather, political climate, geography to name a few. We got out a map of the U.S. and started making x’s and o’s. Methodically we picked them off one by one, saving money for travel and turning vacations in to reconnaissance missions. We visited neighborhoods and grocery stores as well as spoke with everyone from police officers to street sweepers to baristas. We tried hard not to be blinded by the “vacation attitude” while we crunched numbers in super markets. People looked at us like we were attempting to balance the national budget. We did as much homework as possible to get ready.

The final reconnaissance mission in November (Seattle and Portland), yielded the results we had hoped. Originally we thought we would come back to Texas and start searching for jobs in/around Portland…but I asked Ginger “what do you think about just moving up there and giving it a shot?”. After all we had been saving for years, have no children, and “if not now, when?”. A few weeks later, after Ginger processed everything, she came to me and said “let’s do it”.

At first we were kind of on cruise control, handling the simpler things around the house and work. In the middle of January we topped off the mental tanks and prepared to drive it like we stole it. Picking off tasks one by one, keeping our heads down and focused.

After years of planning and discussion…the time has come. Both of us agreed that we could not endure another summer on the surface of the the sun and the air quality has spiraled out of control for the past 10 years in Dallas/Fort Worth.

We signed paperwork to list the house on the market the last week in January(less than 2 weeks later it has a contract before it made it to the listing). I was interviewing candidates to replace me at my job (since I work at a law firm, I’m the only one that knows technology) so that I could present my bosses with a few people to interview. Ginger gave her two weeks notice and I walked in to the office administrators’ office and said “I have great news….I found my replacement”. Once the confusion subsided, I explained they have about 30 days to interview and pick a candidate from the pool(only two made the grade) I vetted.

Now that we have a contract on the house and a closing date….there’s no turning back. As of today(2-10): we still don’t have movers lined up, no place to live, no jobs, and still a ton of friends to see before we leave. Things are crazy right now…but everyone needs an adventure once in a while.

Follow our 2,000 mile journey!


3 thoughts on “Join us on our journey to Portland Oregon from Texas!

  1. No comments, thisisbullshit.

    Congrats, on the house contract. Ours moved fast, but not that fast. We will try and keep up reading the blog.

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